what is Diwali, why to celebrate Diwali in India


I put personal though on what is Diwali and Why to celebrate Diwali. How it affect our overall experience of life. Diwali: A Festival of Inner Light and Renewed Energy, We will see what is the essence of Diwali in our life, and try to understand how it is related to many problem in life.

What means Diwali to us in modern world.

  • Doing pooja of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • put too many lights
  • Sweats
  • New cloths
  • Amazon Offers
  • Spend time with Family

How it might have started.

Everybody needs some exercise and good eating habits to keep their bodies healthy. Likewise, to have a stable mind, and perform our best, we need good mental health and the experiencing positivity around us. Our thoughts are easily influenced by external situations. In most cases, it is very hard to change these external situations, and they are not always within anyone’s control. In such cases, it is challenging to keep your mind away from distractions. For example, if a tiger wants to hunt, no matter what happens, it will do its business. It is not the same with humans; humans are not designed for specific tasks. So if a human decides to do any task they wish to do, irrespective of external situations, there must be some tools to help them in doing that. And these tools are nothing but rituals in Hinduism.

What is Diwali? Why to celebrate Diwali.

    Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a time to reinvigorate and realign ourselves with the energy of life. But what exactly is this life energy? It’s the essence within us that remains unaffected by our emotions or the external circumstances that matter most to us. Life energy continues to reside within us, sometimes more actively, sometimes less. When we consciously re-energize it, it can lead to better outcomes in our lives.

    It’s important to understand that we can’t be passionately involved in every activity all the time. Some activities naturally ignite our passion, while others may seem less rewarding, yet still demand our full attention and involvement. In these cases, we need to rearrange our life energy to bring out the best in us. Sometimes, external motivation or support is required to accomplish this. This is why many Hindu traditions incorporate rituals into their practices – these rituals inspire and motivate us, reminding us that life is beautiful and filled with joy, regardless of the challenges we may face. At times, we need a new, positive perspective to navigate our journey. In Hinduism what you do, how you do is very important. Because your Karmas will make you what you are today. So all Karma have to do with

    Festivals, gods, or other external powers play a role in this process. Ultimately, we follow whatever path helps us to tap into our inner energy, allowing us to fulfill our duties without causing harm to ourselves or others. Rituals are not primarily about receiving blessings from gods or goddesses; they are about personal growth and transformation.

    There is a supreme power that underlies the universe and is the source of all energies. However, the purpose of celebrating Diwali is not to invoke deities for blessings. It’s a celebration of light, not just in the literal sense, but in a deeper, metaphorical one. Light, whether in the form of lamps, candles, or even fireworks, has been used for millennia to inspire and awaken us. It brings a sense of positivity, awakening a feeling of hope within us. Diwali, at its core, is about re-energizing ourselves.


    In conclusion, Diwali is not merely a festival of external lights; it’s a celebration of the inner light within each of us. It’s a reminder to rekindle our life energy, see the positive in everything, and approach our responsibilities with renewed motivation and perspective. Ultimately, the power lies within us, and the celebration of Diwali is an opportunity to tap into this inner reservoir of energy.

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